Lots of love

WORK IN PROGRESS // Lots of love on Blue Monday!

Soulstores IJsland Jonna

PUBLICATION // On my amazing roadtrip through Iceland, I selected the best shops for Soul Stores.
Read the full article: Dit zijn de mooiste winkels van IJsland

Worldmeetings Jonna van Hesteren

REPORTAGE // Worldmeetings, The Hague.

Volvo Amazone Jonna van Hesteren

Trying something different --Volvo Amazone--

Diamonds Jonna van Hesteren

PERSONAL WORK // A lot is happening! Just married to the best guy ever, leads to new inspiration --Diamonds are a girls best friend--


Soul stores

PUBLICATION // The first storereport at Soulstores.com online!
About a very inspiring place called Brandpunt. Read the full article:Deze winkel in Breda snijdt hout


Jonna van Hesteren Skyns

INTERIOR // Photographing at a very nice place! --SKYNS--

NEWS // Zeg Maar Jij has changed into SOUL STORES. Check for more information the new website www.soulstores.com
New report comming soon!

PUBLICATION // New store report at Zeg Maar Jij!
Read the full article: In Middelburg is het ontwerpen van tassen nog een ambacht

Dandelions jonna van Hesteren

NEWS // Moving to a new home AND a new studio!! Happy to see the dandelions have survived their journey.


PUBLICATION // One of my pics from PLANTaardig in Ariadne at Home!

Zeg Maar Jij

PUBLICATION // My first report at Zeg Maar Jij!!
Read full article: Urban Jungle, PLANTaardig Middelburg

NEWS // New collaborations!!


NEWS // New year, new color in the studio!

WORK IN PROGRESS // Photoshopping without a computer -- Light bulb --

INTERIOR // Photographing stills at SamLi

WORK IN PROGRESS // Preparations for a new series...

VIRTUAL TOUR // Reportage and virtural tour De Gecroonde Liefde, Flushing
To view the tour click here

PERSONAL WORK // Experimenting... inspired by the nice weather.

NEWS // Printing some new business cards!

EXHIBITION // One of my images at Incubate open source expo, Tilburg 2012

PRODUCTS // Photographing the work of ceramist Joyce Krijgsman

WORK IN PROGRESS // Making night at broad daylight

EXHIBITHION // Exhibition at Toonkamer: Center for interior design, Utrecht 2010

EXHIBITION // Graduation exhibition KABK, The Hague 2010


WORK IN PROGRESS // My lovely assistant

EXHIBITION // Exhibition at Haagsche kopjes, The Hague 2009

EXHIBITION // Group exhibition in The Hague, 2009

EXHIBITION // My series about Doel at photofestival Naarden, 2009
(the five black and white pictures on top)

EXHIBITION // Exhibition at the city hall Roosendaal, 2008