PUBLICATION // A very nice article about our shop on Soul Stores!
Read the full article: Achttien Nederlandse ontwerpers onder een dak; dit zijn De Makers van Bergen op Zoom.

Opening De Makers

NEWS // Yay we're open!!
Official opening of the designshop saturday the 7th.

Come and see my prints and the work of several other creative entrepreneurs!

De makers van Bergen op Zoom

WORK IN PROGRESS // Working at the design-shop!
With Simon and Margriet.

Cyanotype 1 Jonna van Hesteren Cyanotype 2 Jonna van Hesteren

PRINT // Cyanotype Fluitenkruid - Anthtiscuss Sylvestris

De Makers

NEWS // New plans and collaborations.

Very happy to say I am one of the participants in the new design/ art shop
'De makers van Bergen op Zoom '. Here I will sell my prints!
More info comming soon..

WORK IN PROGRESS // Hello sun! Making cyanotypes.

Cyanotype Jonna van Hesteren

WORK IN PROGRESS // Experimenting with old analogue techniques!
I'm in LOVE! #cyanotype #blueprint


Lots of love

WORK IN PROGRESS // Lots of love on Blue Monday!

Soulstores IJsland Jonna

PUBLICATION // On my amazing roadtrip through Iceland, I selected the best shops for Soul Stores.
Read the full article: Dit zijn de mooiste winkels van IJsland

Worldmeetings Jonna van Hesteren

REPORTAGE // Worldmeetings, The Hague.

Volvo Amazone Jonna van Hesteren

Trying something different --Volvo Amazone--

Diamonds Jonna van Hesteren

PERSONAL WORK // A lot is happening! Just married to the best guy ever, leads to new inspiration --Diamonds are a girls best friend--


Soul stores

PUBLICATION // The first storereport at online!
About a very inspiring place called Brandpunt. Read the full article:Deze winkel in Breda snijdt hout


Jonna van Hesteren Skyns

INTERIOR // Photographing at a very nice place! --SKYNS--

NEWS // Zeg Maar Jij has changed into SOUL STORES. Check for more information the new website
New report comming soon!

PUBLICATION // New store report at Zeg Maar Jij!
Read the full article: In Middelburg is het ontwerpen van tassen nog een ambacht

Dandelions jonna van Hesteren

NEWS // Moving to a new home AND a new studio!! Happy to see the dandelions have survived their journey.


PUBLICATION // One of my pics from PLANTaardig in Ariadne at Home!

Zeg Maar Jij

PUBLICATION // My first report at Zeg Maar Jij!!
Read full article: Urban Jungle, PLANTaardig Middelburg

NEWS // New collaborations!!


NEWS // New year, new color in the studio!

WORK IN PROGRESS // Photoshopping without a computer -- Light bulb --

INTERIOR // Photographing stills at SamLi

WORK IN PROGRESS // Preparations for a new series...

VIRTUAL TOUR // Reportage and virtural tour De Gecroonde Liefde, Flushing
To view the tour click here

PERSONAL WORK // Experimenting... inspired by the nice weather.

NEWS // Printing some new business cards!

EXHIBITION // One of my images at Incubate open source expo, Tilburg 2012

PRODUCTS // Photographing the work of ceramist Joyce Krijgsman

WORK IN PROGRESS // Making night at broad daylight

EXHIBITHION // Exhibition at Toonkamer: Center for interior design, Utrecht 2010

EXHIBITION // Graduation exhibition KABK, The Hague 2010


WORK IN PROGRESS // My lovely assistant

EXHIBITION // Exhibition at Haagsche kopjes, The Hague 2009

EXHIBITION // Group exhibition in The Hague, 2009

EXHIBITION // My series about Doel at photofestival Naarden, 2009
(the five black and white pictures on top)

EXHIBITION // Exhibition at the city hall Roosendaal, 2008